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ThrillBucks.Com Revenue Sharing Program
Terms & Conditions

By submission as an affiliate, you agree to the terms and conditions herein as an affiliate of ThrillBucks, this agreement is a binding and contractual agreement.


1. When you join the ThrillBucks Revenue Sharing Program by filling out our sign-up form and clicking 'Submit', you have entered into a binding contract with us (ThrillBucks .Com) relating to the Terms and Conditions of our Webmaster program (herein called "program"). We can cancel the program or this agreement with you at any time, with or without prior notice as we choose.

2. We will pay you 60% (sixty percent) of Net Revenues. "Net Revenues" are total monies paid for subscription to any current or future Thrill Site (including, but not limited to ThrillCurve.Com, ThrillBang.Com, ThrillSpice.Com, ThrillTeen.Com, ThrillAsian.Com, ThrillDoll.com)  by the consumer whom you send to that site, less all applicable processing charges from ccBill and Epoch, and any disallowed items. Payment will be made by check in US Dollars weekly starting with the week following the week in which the link first appears on your site. You will be paid directly by ccBill (primary) and Epoch (secondary). No minimum balance is required. We also reserve the right at anytime to make changes to our commissions with or without notice to the affiliates.

3. Your real-time accounting information can be accessed using your current ID and password at: http://www.thrillbucks.com/apps/stats.php.


By signing up as an affiliate of ThrillBucks you agree ThrillBucks will not be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages incurred while promoting or inclusion of promotions as an affiliate for ThrillBucks.


There are no implications or warranties in our representations with respect to an affiliate or the affiliate program. Including but no limited to; error-free performance, infringement, trade, technical dysfunction should it result in downtime or other inconveniences. In the event of termination of this agreement advertisers will cease to use all content, banners, graphics and logos on their sites as all marketing tools are held under our copyright. Recurring revenues as a result of member reactivations will only be paid out to Partners while the Webmaster's account is active. In the event that an Affiliates account is closed for any of the reasons included in these Terms & Conditions the webmaster will cease to accumulate recurring revenues.


Promotion of our websites via Bulk Mail is permitted, however your promotion must adhere to all LOCAL, STATE and  FEDERAL LAWS. Any violation of one or all of these laws or your ISP guidelines is a direct violation of this agreement. Your money will be held should you not comply and your account terminated.


When we use the terms "raw" and "unique", we are referring to those individual IP addresses of the web surfers whom have clicked on a legally linked banner located on a participating affiliates' site(s). The terms "sign-up" or "member" refers to a web surfer whom has clicked on a legally linked banner and then successfully subscribed to one of our pay sites. Our tracking system records all raw, unique, and sign-up traffic.


Banners must be served from your own server. You may not place banners or text links on ANY page that contains actual or simulated depiction of bestiality or child pornography. Additionally, you may not place our banners or link from pages which contain advertisements for bestiality or child pornography. ThrillBucks does not accept sites that endorse: child pornography, bestiality. Any hits and/or sales sent from sites like these will be dropped WITHOUT PAY. Linking directly to the join form is permitted, however you are not allowed to make any false claims or fraudulent marketing.  Doing so is a direct violation of this agreement and is cause for termination and withholding of all monies.  We have the right  to take legal action should you make any false claims using our affiliate network.


We do not take any responsibility, or liability for any of the actions of our affiliates regarding ALL unlawful practices.  ThrillBucks has ZERO-TOLERANCE for spamming, cheating and unethical Internet business practices. This includes any and all outlets such as UNSOLICITED BULK E-MAILS, IRC, and/or news groups. Any site Operator found to be utilizing any of the above mentioned, or other unethical Internet business practices will be dropped from our programs. Any accounts owed will be forfeit and we may pursue legal action.  We reserve the right to terminate your account and hold payment should your account become fraudulent, these activities included but are not limited to the aforementioned practices, chargeback ratios on individual traffic, and proprietary fraud scans on each account.

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